Monday, April 2, 2012

katilda closet party: penelope

aaaaand it all comes to a triumphant end!
i am glad for two reasons:

1. i get to have my blog back and be lazy about my clothing once again.
2. we are finishing with penelope, which is where most of my style inspiration stems from anyway (e.g. copious amounts of color and slight mismatchment.)
3. yes, mismatchment can be a word now. this "two reasons" list can also have 3 items in it. i'm just breaking rules left and right.

i love all these pictures! 

myself, posing on the couch:

another katie, at sparky

yet another katie (we're taking over the world!)

the kels, at kelsey anne design

color, color, color!
my blog is a thing of happiness today.

"everyone else is penelope and i'm stupid static cling,"


Elisabeth Gee said...

Katie!!! You look freakin' adorable!!!! :) :) I'm get all jelly up in here. ;)
You need to do this again because the week you did it was a SUPER busy week for me, so I wasn't able to participate. :( BUT I loved all your outfits! SOO Cute! :) :)

Emma Frances said...

I agree with Elisabeth! You should do this again! :] I LOVE the Penelope outfits! So colorful!

Monica Christiansen said...

Ahaha that is my all-time favorite quote from that movie!!!