Wednesday, April 4, 2012

music: we build bridges

i am still in the throes of illness,
and thus i am currently still lying in mi cama.

i love mi cama.
[that's "my bed," if you don't speak the espanol.]
it is a pretty iron sleigh bed that i scored on craigslist last year.
it squeaked a little, but i fixed that right up with olive oil on the hinges.

and i can't even explain my deep and abiding love for the gray, t-shirt material sheets.
fact: gray is the most comforting of all colors.

it is true love.

but hey, here's some music...
it is as comforting as gray sheets.

good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight,

1 comment:

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I just found your blog through Zack Oates blog, I'm so glad I did! Love this song. Thanks for sharing.