Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my bestie and etsy

so you know that girl who shows up in my textersation blogs like a thousand times?
[most recently, see here if you don't remember. don't miss the one about the front butt. oh, i die!]

this is her, in da flesh:

turns out she's a pretty freakin talented artist
and, you can buy her stuff over at her etsy shop,

stuff like this:

yes, you want it
i know you do

so you know....
go show her some love
poke around
mayhaps drop some dough

just sayin'
your walls = instantly more hip
and therefore
you = instantly more hip
you're welcome.

word is there's a 2012 calendar in the makings
stay tuuuuned...
[and by "word is" i mean "she told me because i'm her bestie"]


Emma Frances said...

Haha. I love your definition of word is. :) And I'm heading over to check her stuff out now! I already am in love with the first one you posted!

Katie said...

Love it all. I'm gonna have to go snoop around.