Thursday, May 31, 2012

les miserables trailer ▲


OK, alternate titles for this blog post could include:
"i died about 7 times while watching this"
"what if i sob through this whole movie? so what if i do??"
"excuse my extreme emotions while this is playing"

or simply,

kids, i'm in love with this musical.
grew up watching it.
have seen it on stage 4 times.
must see it again.
and remember how i couldn't fully love Newsies because i was so attached to the original?
let's just say, the stakes are about 10 times higher for this film.

but the trailer...
oh the trailer!
it has pleased me.

...i know some people are not loving on anne hathaway's vocals.
i was the first to be skeptical that they cast a hollywood crew to sing such epic numbers that should generally be left to trained vocalists, but...
i kinda dig her sound.
it's got this haunting, raw quality to it.

what do you think?

in a castle on a cloud,


Micah Castro said...

Definitely a safe bet to leave epic-tear-invoking numbers to the pros. But I dig the "raw" sound as well. If you like haunting voices you have to check out Denali. Maybe start out with their song called "Hold Your Breath"

Naomi Martineau said...

When i first heard (I was listening to Bret watch the trailer" I was like "ugh", but then when I actually watched it, it totally fit and sounded awesome. I'm in love with Hugh Jackman and seriously can't wait for this!!

Ash said...

This might be the only movie that I will actually go see at the midnight premiere. Is that nerdy? I hope that it is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Anne Hathaway actually started out in musical theatre, or so I hear. She was originally going to play Christine in the Phantom movie but had scheduling conflicts so they cast Emmy Rossum instead. Anyway, Anne has the pipes to sing on Broadway, but I like that she sang it this way for the film. It is an emotional song, it makes sense for her voice to be emotional. Hugh Jackman has actually been on Broadway, too. I expect this movie to be exceptionally awesome.

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

I am dying. Dying. dying. Dying. to see this.

I could go without Anne, but I'm sure she'll blow me away and I'll have to repent for judging or whatever... she breaks your heart in a minute and 38 seconds.