Tuesday, June 5, 2012

george, george, george of the jungle

fact: i am afraid of heights
other fact: it's important to me to be brave

and thus...

trust me,
it was a lot higher than it looks in these pics!
and ridiculously fun.

if you're in the AZ area,
or planning to be in the AZ area,
hit. this. up.

hands down coolest thing i've done in awhile!

and now on to some impressive pictures so you can be in awe of my bravery and skill....
and in awe of my awkward approach to the barrel obstacle...


 go ninja go,


Kylie said...

That's like....right next to my apartment I think. Glad you had fun!

Elisabeth Gee said...

Oh my gosh! That looks like SOO much fun! Slash I'm afraid of heights too.

katilda said...

umm you should definitely do this! and i am jealous that you live in flag...it was so nice to escape the phoenix oven.

katilda said...

....i just remembered you are pregnant. i take back my recommendation that you try the ropes course, but maybe in a few months...haha