Wednesday, June 27, 2012

mansoon season.

yes, mansoon.
another applicable word would be manvalanche.

so here's the thing...
this is the bubbly:

now, one of my roommates obtained a bottle of said bubbly around christmastime.
we said to ourselves,
let's save it and drink it when something exciting happens!
(e.g. a date or other such goods)

3 months later...
poor bubbly had collected much dust.
it was a symbol of sadness and singleness, it was.

then there was a small hiccup of activity,
and we partook of the bubbly.

as the rules go,
the roommate who experiences the exciting event that spurred the drinking of the bubbly must purchase the next bubbly.

but would it be another 3 month wait?
would we all be kept so dateless as the long, bleak winter?

well you know what they say about raining and pouring...
let's just say,
there's been a whole lotta cause for bubbly up in these parts.
perhaps the summer sunshine is driving them boys into a frenzy?

i wish i could share our juicy stories.
but the public internets is no such place.

perhaps you will get the stories someday,
if anything long-term pans out for any of us.

in the meantime,
go get yer own bubbly.
highly recommended.

we found love in a hopeless place,


sohirach said...

lol. you are such a dork!

love, rach.

Katie said...

bahahaha! at first, i read, "go get your own HUBBY. highly recommended." hahaha. but...that's apparently not what you said.

Mrs. P Vega said...

fun! I can drink an entire bottle of this bubbly on my own but sharing it with girlfriends is way better. Have you tried the flavored martinelli's? The grape is my favorite!

Emma Frances said...

What a fun roommate tradition! :)