Wednesday, June 20, 2012

the redhanded bandit.

see the title of this post?
given my recent mishaps with red dye,
i have officially adopted that nickname for myself.

except for the part about being a bandit.
but i guess that depends how you define bandit.

in any case,
the situation has improved greatly since yesterday:

thanks to sally's beauty supply and some professional hair-dye remover.

baby steps back to normalcy, eh?
baby steps like this:


when i took my walk of redhanded shame into sally's yesterday i fully expected them to reprimand me and/or laugh at my plight.
kids, that lady didn't even bat an eye!
she looked at my hands and said,
"honey, i've seen it all."

in contrast, i think i freaked the walmart cashier out later.
i saw her staring, i did!

i'm going to play frisbee with a new crowd tonight.
i fully expect to terrify them with my rogue phalanges.

swashbuckling the high seas and such,
katilda the redhanded bandit


Emily said...

A nickname with bandit is always a good thing! But really, this is cracking me up. Sorry for the misfortune, even though it's rather hilarious. And a What About Bob reference??!! Couldn't get any better. I refer to the baby steps advice for a multitude of situations in my life.

Emma Frances said...

Baha! Your red hands are awesome! I'm glad they're getting better and have yet to dye your blonde hair pink!!! Haha.

FWIL Sentimental Blog Content said...

Ha ha, I didn't even notice today! Maybe that makes you feel better, maybe that tells you nothing, but maybe others will overlook it just the same!

katilda said...

I am so please that you can appreciate a good WAB reference! My favorite is probably when Dr Leo wants him to leave and he yells He can borrow my SLICKER!! bahaha

Nicole said...

girl! i just have to say that i adore that quote you have at the top of your blogger. SO SO TRUE.

happy thursday friend!