Tuesday, June 19, 2012

movie review: moonrise kingdom

you guys know i've been excited about this film for some time now.

so when it came to scottsdale a couple weeks ago,
you best believe i hit that up on opening night!

what i liked:
the soundtrack
the cinematography
the costumes
the deadpan line delivery from all the child actors
the general charming quirkiness
bill murray
bruce willis

what i didn't like:
there was an awkward beach scene that i could have done without.

but can we get back to bill murray?
i just love him and always will.
enough to dress up as him for halloween that one time.

moonrise also has some funny moments regarding what it might be like for two lawyers to be married.
i don't know if it's accurate, i haven't tried it.
being a lawyer, that is.
or being married to one.
though i have dated a couple.
i don't remember them being like bill murray.
this girl might not be single if they had been, yo.

oh...so off topic.
the point is!
if you need to get your quirk on,
go get some moonrise kingdom in your life.

have you seen it? whatdyathink?

"was he a good dog?" "who's to say? but he didn't deserve to die."



Elisabeth Gee said...

Slash can we talk about how Edward Norton is a BABE? ha :)

katilda said...

how could i have skipped that?? he was adorable!!

Alexis Kaye said...

I just saw the trailor for this movie TODAY and it looked so good! I love that style of cinametography (i know, i butchered it). I want to see it!

Jocelyn said...

haha that Halloween costume is epic!

Visit World Wide Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services said...

It's definitely an optimistic film, I just couldn't get passed Anderson's style.