Wednesday, June 6, 2012

movie review: snow white & the huntsman

so, i really wanted to like this movie.
i mean, i love me some fantasy-action cinema.

redeemable things about this flick:


and all the shnaz that ruined it for me:

kristen stewart.
and not even because of a twilight bias...
she just really wasn't that great.
sorry kristen, babe.

and what was with the guy with the bowl cut?
i simply could not take him seriously, yo.


and all that fairy stuff? and the random white stag? ...what?
why must you never explain anything, movie??

and it felt reallllyyy unresolved at the end.

so, pretty much....
i wouldn't recommend this one, kiddos.
but if you do see it,
smuggle some goods like i did:

and go with a friend like this one:

did you see it?

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Kylie said...

I haven't seen it yet, but it really seems unfathomable to me that they would even *try* to portray Kristen Stewart as being more fair than Charlise Theron. Boggles my mind (and not just based on looks...but on talent too). I'll probably just wait for the Redbox so I can at least see Chris Hemsworth ;)

Myke said...

Kristen Stewart is just the worst. Why do people keep asking her to make movies? I dug the dwarfs, though.

Erin said...

I felt like it was a mix of Hunger Games, Enchanted, and Chronicles of Narnia. And I agree Kristen Stewart didn't help the situation. I hate the weird breathing thing she does, you just became the queen....would it hurt you to smile!?

katilda said...

i didn't mind the dwarfs but i could hardly understand what they were saying sometimes. in retrospect, maybe that's why i thought the movie didn't explain anything well enough.

Katie said...

Hahaha I really like the comment right above mine. And no, I haven't seen it, and this post just sealed the deal. I'm not seeing it. At least not in theatres. As you know, I'm kind of attached to Once Upon a Time, so when I saw the commercial and how dark it looked, I was already turned off and didn't want to see it.

My Name is JACY said...


I'm so glad you found me because now I found YOU! Love your blog! So eager to get to know you better but not so eager to see Kristen Stewart anymore. Thanks for saving me $9 :)

You are beautiful! I love your style! And yes, I love chevron.... love, love, love!

NatashaTing said...

this movie didn't raise my attention at all. and yes, i can't help but to agree that Kristen.. just isn't that good.

Willy in Chile said...
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Willy in Chile said...

all i care about is your burly coat of skins.

Chupie Velez said...

I saw it. I thought the bowl cut guy was an unholy DNA cross between Paul Bettany in the Da Vinci Code and a younger Emo Phillips.

katilda said...

i don't know why i am just now seeing this comment, but it made me laugh so hard. that character was a hot mess.

San Antonio TX said...

I liked 'Mirror Mirror' because of its tongue-in-cheek humor. I like 'Snow White and the Huntsman' because it's, well - forgive me - so grim.