Tuesday, June 12, 2012

writing: june 08

yesterday i stumbled across a a plethora of old things i'd written,
and i thought, time to share!

so here's to a few days of honest-to-bieberness writing on the ol' blog.

plus a picture of yesterday's melted fishtail braid,
which i think made me look like a gypsy.

let's dance in style, let's dance for awhile.

i liked you for 7 days.
you played old songs on your guitar.
it was hot outside.
i melted in more ways than one.

i liked you for 7 more days.
you said you would call.
and you did call.
and then you didn't.
and you know, i never figured out why.

and i wish i had asked you why.

and i had to stop liking you, not much later.
but that month in June,
that one will always be yours.

heaven can wait, we're only watching the sky.