Friday, June 15, 2012

helen keller textersationing

i like the word textersation, that's no secret,
but i decided i like the verb form, textersationing, as well.
because it sounds like vacationing.
and that's always a good feeling.

speaking of vacationing,
southwest airlines did me a solid this week and had a sale.
i love me some southwest sale prices.

and so,
i spontaneously planned a september trip to huntington beach.
texted a few ladies and told them, essentially,
"i just bought plane tickets, go get yours."

one of my besties responded with the following amazing typo:

this vacation just gets better and better.

deaf frickin goodness,


Katie said...

hahahaha amazing.

also, textersation...textersationing. conversation...conversationing. it just totally makes sense.

Alyx said...

totally gonna start using the word "textersation."

The Ballard Family said...

I laughed so hard at this I injured myself.