Saturday, June 23, 2012

kickstarter my heart.

heard of it? it's an online crowd-funding site.

basically, you share a good idea.
then people give you moneys if they dig your idea.

i was looking at the categories on the site,
and i thought to mineself,
what would i invent in some of these areas?

and thus i decided...

given that i can't act, i think a silent film is my best bet for this one.
i think it might involve sock puppets.

an entire CD of my rubber-band shoe-box guitar compositions.

a romance about the redhanded bandit and the caped crusader.
and by that i mean a romance about me and christian bale.

well, it would involve this move and this move, that's for sure.

all fashion i design would include sequins.
and spandex.


ok so i'm thinking maybe a video game about a short overalled man with a moustache who can throw turtle shells and is trying to rescue a princess...?
wait, what do you mean it's already been done.


i'm pretty sure it would involve me singing show tunes and shimmying across a stage for a couple hours.
details are fuzzy aside from that.
it'd be something like this:


would you donate to any of these killer ideas?

and what would YOU be prone to inventing?

also, let's look at the sock puppet one more time:

thomas edison ain't got nothin' on me,
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Cameron, Katie & Jack Hunter said...

I adore you! It has definitely been way too long since we have spoken. Coming through Utah anytime soon? :)

The Ballard Family said...

Do you know I was actually going to scroll back up to see the adorable sock puppet again? But then, like magic, it appeared again. Sisters.