Wednesday, June 13, 2012

when your heart says bear, choose the bear.

it all started innocently enough.
wait, no it didn't.
it started with me dragging my decrepit old dresser to the curb after fixing the broken drawers for the 500th time and kicking it resolutely before lighting it on fire and heading back inside with my middle fingers in the air.

some or most of that story might be false.

the point is, i was left with a large helping of validation but without furnishment in which to store my clothes.
and left wondering if "furnishment" is really a word.

then my parents offered me this ikea treasure fo' free:

clearly, i decided it needed some stencil bedazzling.
and the floral, artsy stencils just weren't speaking to me.
but then...

and you know, from there i branched out to...

and then the blessedheavenlydroolonmyself knob aisle at hobby lobby was all "hey girl hey come check me out"...

and then i felt it necessary to slap some asymmetrical stripes on the top...
oh hey there, good lookin'...

and thus a new day of furnishment has dawned.
i like to call it shabby country modern bieber rustic chic eclectic...explosion.
whatever it is, i love it ohsomuch.

redecorating like a boss,

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Emily said...

Haha those stencils are cracking me up! And putting knobs on an ikea dresser is a simple but great idea. I think every dresser needs some snazzy knobs. Congrats on your new day of furnishment!

Elisabeth Gee said...

I'm in love.