Tuesday, June 26, 2012

home decorduroy

you know, there's actually nothing corduroy in this post.
i just liked the sounds of the word decorduroy.
ok and i really like the way actual corduroy feels.

so not to be all pinteresty, but...
i do love me some home decor.

here's some favorites i've pinned along the way
and yes, pinned.
not pined.
not pining.
because those words mean something different.

internet grammar rant = over

on to the goods!

i think that last pic is pure eclectic perfection.
and antler chandeliers are my current obsession.
and you know, animal stencils.

see the rest of my home decor board here.

and share your pins with me, por favor!
i need more things to pin.
not pine.

pine cones,


Harley said...

im assigning you to decorate my house when I actually have one. deal?

karajean said...

Yesterday I started a project I saw on pinterest. The slightly embarrassing thing about that is I don't even have a pinterest, and I don't have a single crafty bone in my body. We'll see what happens.

Oh, and I just stalked your pinterest and I like the goods. Especially that fold up taco of comfort thing. That's something I could get on board with.

Emily said...

Nothing like yellow upholstery to make my heart beat a little faster. And that antler chandelier is spectacular! My dad used to hunt and I thought his miscellaneous antlers were disgusting. How the tables have turned.

Sierra @ Sierra's View said...

This just reminds of me "Corduroy" the book....you know...the teddy bear? no?