Monday, August 27, 2012

why yes, i did design my own watch...

i've never really been a watch-wearing girl,
but i've been trying it out this week.

and then,
a lady at the movie theatre flagged me down to ask where i got it.
which made me feel all totally stylish and stuff.

see, there are these j3ll watches...

...and you get to design your own!

you pick the shape, the band color and the face color,
and bam! you're all unique and stuff!

i had a heckuva time choosing my colors,
but i finally settled on the all-white situation:

oh hey flower pants!
and yes, that cassette tape is my iphone case, if you're new here.

the flexible band means it doesn't drive me crazy to have on my wrist while i'm typing all day at work.

money-saving tip:
check out the top of the j3ll website.
if you Like them on facebook, you get free shippng!
other social media promotions will score you even more discounts.

and, well, i do like me some savvy social marketing.

go. partake. enhance your punctuality.

rocking the arm candy,


Jacqueline said...

I'm not usually a watch wearing girl either, but I've been wanting to try for a while. These sound like so much fun - I love anything that's customizable! Definitely checking it out. (Oh, and your cassette phone cover is the bomb. Love it.)

Unknown said...

love it. i can't do watches beacause they bother my wrist too much but this almost makes me want to try one again!

ps- look at you miss "i don't need the .blogspot anymore" that's awesome!. you're officially a .com kinda person.

Emma Frances said...

I go in and out of watch wearing modes. I need to get in one now though cause these are fun!