Thursday, December 6, 2012

i'm no good for you no more

i realize my blog entries maybe haven't had a lot of heart in them lately,
and i have probably been less awesome about commenting on other people's posts,
but there are reasons for this being the way it is.

suffice it to say, details and pictures or not,
there was a relationship...and now there is not one.

and it's causing me to write vague blog entries about balloons and bicycles,
and want to go running for miles and miles and miles,
and listen to music that somehow makes it better.
(thank you sara b and avett brothers and mumford and of course jimmy.)

and what's a breakup around these parts without a bit of soulful writing?

my last kiss met your cheek somewhere just to the left of your mouth
and i'm not sure if it's because you were tired
or if i just missed the mark
but that, right there, just about sums up all the other parts

but my heart told my head, this time no, this time no.


Kerry said...

sending you big love & lots of trust for what's next, xo

Jacqueline said...

hugs sent your way sweet girl!

Chantel said...

Blegh, I know how you feel! Keep hanging in there!!

Emily said...

Katie darling, I hope that you don't mind that I call you darling. More importantly, I hope your heart will heal, as it is a beautiful heart that beats inside a beautiful lady. (too cheesy? but I mean it!)

Tyler and Ariana said...

Behind every breakup, no matter how sad, is always the happiness that when you DO find the one that never ends, it will be better than even the best that was before it.