Saturday, December 29, 2012

northward bound for the new year

look, when someone offers you a ride to the great white snowy north and you have many long-lost friends in the great white snowy north, it's probably worth it to hop in said car and JUST GO.

fact: i spent last new year's hiking in a tank top then lying by my pool in the sun.
but snow? ice? 20 degrees say whaaa? sure. why not.
excuse me while i dig out old boxes of warm clothing from 4 years of college.

i'll probably impress my friends by partying in an outfit like this...


...but only if i can add sequins somewhere, because what's a new year's party without at least a little bit of sequins going on?

what are YOU doing for new year's eve?
i hope it is the happiest of happy (and sequined) times.

be back in one piece unless i freeze my tongue to a pole or something,


1 comment:

Katie said...

well that's exciting! would you think i'm crazy if i said that i thought it FELT colder here in AZ than it did in UT, even though the temps were drastically lower in UT? maybe i am crazy. anyway, have a good time and i'll see you when you get back :)