Friday, December 14, 2012

simple & quick homemade fudge recipe


growing up, my mom always made the most delicious christmas fudge.
the fancy type that involves caramelizing and knowing the temperature of things.
i tried doing that...once.

let's just say, i do better with a simpler recipe...

18 oz chocolate chips (any flavor)
14 oz (1 can) sweetened condensed milk
1 Tbsp butter
1 splash of vanilla
*important: do NOT add extra chocolate, even 2 oz, or it'll get weird*

action plan:
1. mix all ingredients in a saucepan on low heat until melted (stir constantly)
(it won't be liquidy, just smooth-ish)
2. put wax paper in a casserole dish
3. pour the melted mixture onto the wax paper & spread it out
4. put it in the fridge
5. wait a few hours or overnight
6. remove from wax paper & cut it up
7. then, you stuff.

behold, the fudge:

the flavors: peanut butter, dark, butterscotch, white and regular.
i think it weighs about 10 lbs and is about 50 girth units.

in other news, i've been on a sugar high for the past 14 hours.
and before that i took excedrin migraine after 3 days of a gnarly headache.
and basically i felt like i was on speed.

also i watched 4 episodes of arrested development and whhhere have i been,


Jacqueline said...

a sugar high + arrested development (my favorite comedey series ever, besides "the IT crowd") sounds like one hell of a good time. :)

Myke said...

One time I ate too much fudge, got sick, and vowed to never eat fudge again. That vow lasted about a week.

There are maybe two or three TV shows that are better than Arrested Development. Enjoy.

Kerry said...

fuuudgggeee. want want want. i bet i could make this vegan style. swap the milk out for almond milk and the butter for earth balance. we shall see!!

Mandy Ballard said...

Yes on the fudge. BIGFATYES on Arrested Development.