Friday, February 4, 2011

6 little gems from my life

1. frisbee season started again this week. my new team color is GOLD. like vegas gold. like glitter gold. like mr. t's bling gold. this bodes well. i love frisbee season. i can now avidly look forward to my tuesday nights for the next 3 months.

(my hippie brethren, rockin some '70s retro disc. via Totally Ultimate.)

2. my brother once told me that glitter is the herpes of the craft world. and i'm not talking about a certain pop diva's movie. no actually, it might still apply ...

3. i plan to go thrifting this weekend. i am more than a little eager. i'm in the mood for some quirk. (what's new?) preview of a $2 goodwill find earlier this week:

(it screamed my name. no really, i think i heard it calling to me.)

4. why do things like the following always happen to me? i take that back -- i kind of relish these experiences. (and i always vote for relish in the ketchup/mustard/relish race at dbacks games.) anyway:

5. my current desktop background and source of nostalgia. name this lovely place...

(pic from wikimedia commons)

6. lastly, whoever invented striped paper clips had me in mind:

(how absolutely delightful.)


Alan Taylor Farnes said...

1. i wanna say that is park city.
2. i read about your run in with the lady at Apple. and it was the funniest thing ever.
keep it coming.

katilda said...

alan, good guess but it's actually cedar city -- i've never been to park city! surprising, since i lived so close... and yes, i'll be sure to spend more time in public places where the crazies might be so i can get blog material.