Thursday, May 5, 2011

adventures in craigslist, round 1

some people, i tell you ...

1. first there were some couches, pictured in the middle of the desert.

...who uses couches in the middle of the desert?
...which begs the next question, who drags couches to the middle of the desert to photograph them?

2. and let's not forget this man's not-so-subtle bitterness when he described the following chair:
"well taken care of armchair in southwest style ... non smoker home, no pets either wife doesn't even cook =(."

3. and oh, how i wish there was a picture with the following post:
"110 gallon fish tank with 5 yr old bearded dragon no car so Its hard to feed her anymore 100 for both"

4. and i'm kind of glad there's NOT a picture for this one, especially the "possibly" turkey:
"free freezer burnt meat. bag of old ham, hot dogs and, possibly turkey. Not for humans anymore -- badly freezer burnt. Let me know if you're interested."

5. and of course, this lovely piece of art. the best part is the original price:
"I paid $349 for it and I'm just hoping to find someone who loves it as much as me." hang on to that dream, tomato man. you just keep on believing.


format9 said...

Lovely,... $349??? if they loved it as much as you they would be getting rid of it too, right? Thanks for sharing :)

dani said...

thanks for making my day. :)

Nelson Family said...

I have one to submit for your next Craigslist post.

The Ballard Family said...

Wow, he doesn't smoke AND his wife doesn't cook? I suddenly want to buy that chair.
You know, to fund his taco bell runs.
I just said 'taco bell runs.'
...I have been hanging out with my little boys too much...