Thursday, May 26, 2011

thriftology by katie (a)

i'm in the process of redecorating the casa.
pics of the new furniture to come.
(you should be excited.)

but in the meantime,
let's focus on my latest obsession...
pretty knick knacks

vase, hand-painted in italy
st. vincent de paul
(we can only assume the "hand painted in italy" inscription doesn't imply some zealous 8-yr-old at an italian As You Wish shop.) 

funky little retro teapot
(in which i am going to plant herbs of some sort)
st. vincent de paul 

kick-A turquoise candelabra
(totally going to hold artistically melted candles)
st. vincent de paul

an array of vases (please pronounce it VAHses)
also going to rock my herb garden
$3 each
st. vincent de paul 

four inaugural plates for my mismatched dishes collection,
50 cents a pop
st. vincent de paul

the whole glorious smorgasbord
st. vincent de paul
(please disregard the disheveled couch in the background with sad, shlumpy pillows. it begs for attention.)

...stay tuned for the furniture...
(and probably some posts about my thrifted clothing.)
(because yeah, i have a plethora of it.)

1 comment:

Myke said...

That teapot's awesome. I've been looking for something I can plant herbs in, good idea. But sadly, there is nowhere in my house that gets enough light to grow them indoors.