Tuesday, May 3, 2011

words of wisdom & self esteemage

"Unsubscribe from habits that make you feel inferior."

so, what is it for you?
you know, your bad habit.
reading too many style mags and hating your bod?
weighing yourself too often and letting that number dictate your self esteem for the day?
stalking your ex and his/her newest lovers on facebook?
letting your mistakes and flaws color your entire self perception?
living under the impression that other people can change but that maybe you will always be a little bit tainted even if you start fresh?

that's not how it works, you know.
your life is not a list of tally marks under columns labeled Good and Bad that will hopefully add up in your favor at the end.
(and neither is your appearance.)
so please stop keeping that mental list.

dear all of us,
(and me,)
time to unsubscribe.

i took the following picture a week or two ago,
because i thought the hat was funny.
and i wanted to write a blog about the funny hat.
but then all i could see in the picture was that metal mouth.
and think about that girl in 6th grade who used to tell me my nose was too big for my face.
and suddenly, i didn't want to blog about the hat anymore.

but in keeping with my own advice...
look at this funny hat i found.
and look at my arm. i like that mole on my arm, because my older brother and sister have one in the exact same place.

and now i feel empowered to obliterate some other bad habits.


Katie said...

A masterpiece :) But seriously. And I LOVE that hat. And I think you look adorable in it.

Cam Boehme said...

Is it weird that I love a mole because everyone of my siblings has it in the exact same spot? I don't think I would be a Boehme without it!