Friday, May 6, 2011

head + board = epic fail

i've seen many memorable videos in my time.
but this one...
this one stands in a league all its own.
i weep, my friends.

(long pause)

okay fine, blogger hates me this week.
so you get a link to the video,
instead of getting to view it conveniently right here.
i know, it's super lame.

but, it is what it is.
now go watch it 5 times:

did you notice my blog has a new look??
i guess i'm feeling beige lately.
and...i luff it.

"even when my head was throbbing..."


The Ballard Family said...

hahaha I saw that a couple of years ago and have thought about it often times when I need a good laugh. I like to think that this is what the star of the video had in mind...

Katie said...

I remember seeing that from last year :) It's definitely a good Friday (Friday Friday) video.

Chelsea, Tea Talk said...

Hi! I saw your comment and wanted to say that I think you're so sweet, and if you ever see me again please say hello! I would love to meet you!

Have a wonderful day!
-Chelsea xo