Tuesday, May 24, 2011

literary chagrin.

dearest la biblioteca,
i know you saw this coming
i know i promised you it would be different this time
we have something great, you and i
but the problem is
sometimes my brain doesn't work like it should
when it comes to certain details
i would promise to be better
but you might not believe me
(and you miiight be validated in that)
i promise i am coming to pay what i owe you
and face you with guilty shame
but please
may i have a second chance?
also please
don't call the collections agency
(we have a bad history.)


dearest gray matter in my head,
please oh please
learn how to effectively remember these things!
or maybe
you can hire a personal assistant
to do things like cleaning your room and paying bills
and occasionally checking the oil in the car and the air in the tires
and greasing the passenger door that's been squeaking for 2 years
and yeah, returning the library books on time!
let's admit it,
these. things. are. not. your. forte.
but you are pretty good at some other things
like remembering song lyrics and movie quotes
and noticing people's funny quirks
and imagining ways to celebrate the good moments in life
and the good moments in other people's lives
...lest you think i'm not giving you any credit.
it's just that maybe
you are not so much cut out for grown-up life.
love, katilda

1 comment:

Katie said...

I LOVE the things you're good at. They make everybody happy.