Wednesday, May 11, 2011

tales of a baby sister

dear littlest hermana,
i'm not sure at what point
you started turning into me
such as
listening to all my music
making my same jokes
wearing my same clothes
having my same interests
except for that part
about wanting to be an art major
(because, i can't draw)
in any case
you're running away soon
to college land
and even though
i can't protect you
from everything hard that might happen
i can tell you
it'll all be good for you
in the meantime
you can use your present
(on its way...)
to prevent at least one damage
....aren't you excited to open it?...
(yep, totally christmas wrapping paper. whatsyerpoint?)

happy birthday.
heart, katilda


The Ballard Family said...

Aw. Favorite.

Laura! said...

Hey look! I can comment on your blog! Well, anyway, thank you for the lovely post. You have left a wonderful path for me tp follow in. And thank you very much for the polka dot laptop case! It will make college spiffy :)