Saturday, May 28, 2011

adventures in craigslist, round 2

oh me oh my, the treasures abound...

1. this one was labeled a "corner sofa." in what context would this be comfortable/useful without its counterparts??

2. titled "Two Night Stand." ....would you consider that more or less committed than a one-night stand?

3. and there's a bitter one in every bunch...
cart thing....get it today
Please come and get this today.....
My husband use to use this in the greenhouse....but we moved.....and no longer use it
He said 4 months ago he would sell it and get it off the patio...
ummm.,...well, I want it GONE now.

4. this chair was so multi-talented, they had to invent a whole new word for it:
This recliner swibles and rocks.

5. and i simply have no words for this one:
It's a recliner that doesn't look like a typical recliner. I'm only asking 20.00 for it because it needs to be cleaned up and has some wear and tear. We used to have a cat that I think may have peed in the corner of the cushion. My husband doesn't smell it at all but I think I have an extra sensitive nose. I've tried to clean it but still smell it. Gross, I know. I don't think there are any rips or anything, the chair is intact. You can email to come take a look for yourself. It's a nice chair but needs tlc.

6. i never know quite what to think of errant quotation marks, 
and this set makes me particularly nervous:
I am in the process of selling my "stuff" due to moving.

7. ok this one was labeled a "Sliding Glass Doggy Door." 
that is one very capable dog...

8. and, in conclusion, there's nothing like a good dose of desperation and gambling addiction:
I need this gone today if you want it for this price! It is large and holds a lot! I want Vegas money, so come and get it!

as always, stay tuned...
(did you miss round 1?)

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