Monday, May 30, 2011

see katie guest blog!

oh me oh my,
this is a big day for me!

drum roll....
my first guest blog!
i feel oh so important.
thanks to miss alexis SOLOMON (new last names deserve capital letters)
for letting me have some space in her blog realm

so go check out my ramblings on the science of sex appeal
(go! now!)

funny story
i've only met miss alexis in real life once
...and it was at her wedding last week.
no really,
we were only blog/online friends
and i totally went to her wedding reception.
i feel so 21st century...

....and there was great mexican food.


ashley.warner said...

i just discovered your blog, via ALEXIS and I must say, I loved your guest post. you had me rolling on the ground laughing.

its so funny how we are all wired. kinda like animals. except i don't think a 'snooki' is a type of animal. just a freakish thing on mtv.


Myke said...

I was gonna leave an inappropriate comment about ovulation on your guest post but decided against it since I don't know that person. And then I thought about leaving it here but then I remembered that it was inappropriate so I didn't.