Monday, May 23, 2011

holla for challah

if i gave you any blank stares this week....
or trailed off halfway thru a conversation...
or fell asleep a bit if you let me sit down too long...
or maybe cried in front of you (my boss included. meep.)

it was one of those weeks.

including planning for a big work event that went down on saturday.

there was service.
and many families.
and ok, maybe a candy bar or two for breakfast....

we made this glorious artwork at the event:

(i stenciled those letters. one by one. verrry early friday morning.)
(and yeah, it's totes going on my office wall.)

and then,
when the people left,
and i breathed,
and checked my pulse
(and verified that, yes, i was operating at zombie level)
i settled in with a coworker for some brunch
at this surrrrriously amazing place

(bananas foster french toast made w/ homemade challah bread, and a vegetarian omelet with country potatoes and pumpernickel bread. DROOL.)

we shared both and polished them off in record time, much like a couple of hungry zombies...except we weren't eating humans....zombies eat humans, right? shrug.

must. go. back. ASAP.

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