Monday, May 2, 2011

the mumford, the sons, and (too much?) rambling

back in my glory days, i used to be a fierce concert goer.
i saw all the big names ... let's not even try and list them all ...
and one time, i crowdsurfed.
(gotta cater to that bucket list, people!)
i kind of fell off the concert-going bandwagon for awhile these last few years.
maybe it's because concerts don't come to utah that often, and that's where i was.
ok, i'm out of excuses.
aaaand i'm back on the party horse!
(is that a saying? it is now...yeah)
(what would a party horse look like? would it be of many colors?)

in any case, i hit up a stellar show a couple weeks ago.
the infamous mumford & sons.
made largely famous by performing on the grammy's.
but they came into my life much sooner than that, courtesy of this talented and tasteful girl.
(go listen to her music on her blog. she should have her own tour like mumford. surrriously.)

in any case, if you don't know mumford...
and if you dig the folksie-banjo-makes-you-wanna-groove-inside-an-old-barn-somewhere style...
then maybe you should know them.
my thoughts on the show:
the music rocked.
oh how it rocked.
i danced like a hillybilly fool in my cut-off shorts.
(because what summer is complete w/o cut-off shorts? i like to call them adventure pants.)
the best part?
the whole shebang took place next to some train tracks.
and the bands literally rolled in on that train and hopped off to perform.
that's how they're doing their entire tour.
pretty. freakin. cool.

only downsides:
the crazy lady in the front who didn't understand that, if you stand in the front, you're not allowed to have personal space.
she was a beast.
other downside, all the nasty cigarette(etc) smoke. yyyyechhh.
(did i sound yiddish just now? did i?)

well, here's a couple prime mumford songs, in case you're uneducated.

(yes, blogger is haaaating life today and won't let me embed videos. so you get links. i'm sorry. now let's both shake it off and move on....)


Myke said...

Speaking of smoke, my roommate got offered a joint for the first time in his life. He declined but it was nice of them to share.

Myke said...

(Should have read, "for the first time in his life at that concert.")