Monday, May 9, 2011

movie review: Thor

fact: i legitimately enjoy Marvel-esque, superhero films.

(other fact: my family has a running joke about a line from Unbreakable. "One of us...." bahaha. Can anyone outside the fam finish this quote? anyone?)

saturday evening i found myself at home following Saturday Night Activities 1 and 2 and debating between putting on pajamas or hitting up Activity 3. I poked around on facebook for a bit whilst making this decision and began to see statuses such as "THOR" and "Thor!!" and other such variations.

so i splashed some water on my face (yes really, i was that tired) and headed out to Activity 3 over at Cine Capri at Tempe Marketplace.

note: that theatre made me feel like i was at disneyland. HUGE. (pronounced the southern-Utah way, with no H....yes, YOOJ.)

ok fine, i'll talk about the actual movie now.
(possible spoiler alert, if you haven't seen it)

(source...somewhere via Google images)

first, i don't really believe natalie portman would live in the middle of the desert like that....not saying pretty girls can't be astrophysicists, but a) i doubt she'd be single, even if they tried to make her look "nerdy" with flannel and a pair of functional footwear, and b) no one that wrapped up in a science project, living in a camper in New Mexico, would legitimately have hair that great. I refuse to believe it.

other cynical thoughts include
a) "at what point did they really fall in love? all she did was hit him with her car a couple times and suddenly they're made for each other...?"
b) "okay seriously, Thor spent like 2 days on earth, flirting and making scrambled eggs, and suddenly he's learned his lesson and become wise enough to earn his hammer back??"

i don't know why i was feeling so cynical when i watched it.
i'm usually anti-cynicism.
maybe i should have splashed more water on my face...?

but in retrospect, i think i enjoyed it.
and i'd probably watch it again.
because it did make me laugh.
and i do love me some superhero cinema.
and...i do enjoy them hemsworth boys.

have you seen it? thoughts?

how freaking stoked am i for the new X-Men movie??


Myke said...

When it comes to superhero movies I find the less I think the more I enjoy them. Thor was good.

X-Men looks tight. Actually, almost every trailer they showed got me pretty excited.

Unknown said...

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this movie. I like action/ comic book stuff to. I blame it on growing up with brothers. I can't wait until the Sheild movie comes out!

Gentri said...

I havn't seen it yet, but everyone that I know that has looooooooves it!! :) I'm having a giveaway over at my blog right now and would love if you joined in!! :)