Thursday, July 28, 2011

biggie smalls & make-outs

that title makes it sound like i have some kind of sordid story to tell.
well....this is almost as good.

this is my buddy hugo:

isn't he cheerful on his bicycle?
you may call him hugart winston polanco.
[actually, no you can't. because i didn't ask his permission.]
in any case,
next week, it is his birthday.

first, i will share the following conversation, which will endear your heart to mr. polanco.
then, i will share his birthday wish.
ready, go...

[context: discussing his dating life]

i am not a player. i just crush a lot. (biggie.)

sooo you're saying i can call you biggie smalls from now on?

yes. call me biggie smalls. i like that.

[a few minutes later]
i googled this quote for you:
"Excellence is my presence. Never tense, never hesitant." Biggie Smalls

Um, new facebook status! TY

wait, here's another good one:
"I'm a soldier, ready for whatever."

First one is better!

only if you're not a soldier.

I am *not* Make love, not war!

"make out, not war!" (that's my Mormon version)

Make love *when married* not war! (Mormon version)

this convo needs to go on my blog.

ok now that you like Hugo, here's his birthday wish:
to celebrate his 23rd anniversary of entrance into the world,
he's trying to collect $529 in donations
[that's $23 each from 23 people. see how that makes sense? yes.]

so, if you feel so inclined,
donate here
let's make this kid's wish come true!
[i mean, he could have asked for a pony. this is easy.]
[the real question is, would he name the pony Tu Pac?]

1 comment:

Jael said...

This has nothing to do with this particular post, although I was rather endeared to Mr. Hugo before you shared that conversation and after I saw the picture of him on his bike.
So, story: you may notice that I posted a picture to your fb. A couple of weeks ago I was driving along and yelled out "DRIVE CLOSER TO THAT TRUCK!" to my husband. After explaining that I knew a girl with a similar name, he (sort of) complied, and I took a picture with the intention of sharing it with you. Then I got home and felt that it was not cool enough to share, so I didn't. And then you posted a comment on my blog and I was emboldened to post it. So there you go. That lady *almost* has your name. There was a picture of her on the side, and she had horrible hair. Don't worry, you don't.

Also, my verification word is ferous, which is almost like ferrous sulfate...but which also makes me think of feral.