Monday, July 25, 2011

textersations, round 3

it's that time again
i know you've been dying in anticipation
and i'm a kind soul, so i couldn't leave you waiting
(and/or my inbox was getting wayyy too full of saved texts & needs to be cleaned out)

so with no further ado,
the best of my phone's inbox from the past month or two:

kels, may 4
apparently my intense love for marie osmond and her personal life is not a secret anymore.

ksparks, may 6
what the effing crap, that angel guy just felt me up.
(for explanation, feast your eyes on this beauty)

monica-sister, may 7
i should become frank abignale. minus the jailtime and inappropriately aged girlfriends. actually....minus any girlfirends.

mandysister, may 24
i don't know if his comedy is clean all the time but i am watching this guy named demetri martin. if i knew him personally this is the guy i would set you up with. he has katie-husband written all over him.

matthisious, may 26
i want to live in your loosely coordinated dream world.
(in response to my latest decor choices, possibly here or here)

j. burgoyne, may 26
one of my most ambitious goals is to have one of my texts show up on your blog. i've been sending myself witty texts for practice. someday i hope to make the cut.
(congrats, jason!)

mandysister, may 28
speaking of handsome men who are too old for us!! bryan adams just had a baby with his girlfriend who is a normal person and barely older than i am!! she had a baby with bryan adams!! and she is a regular person! and they hang out with his mom and fly coach. And name their baby meribell bunny adams.

kels, may 29
forget all those dumb boys. focus all ur efforts on dominating in badminton. always.

kt lew-who-hunter, june 16
in my job, i get to see and hear some strange names. bad names of the week include Aspen (you can't really shorten it to create a cutesie nickname)
(rumor has it she's creating an entire blog to share such names w/ the world. stay tuned.)

daniel fuller, june 16
perk up, kiddo. everyone faces trials in life, awkward doorstep scenes just happens to be yours.

matthisious, june 20
all this talk about masses got me thinking. i hope that i am in the masses upon masses, and not just the regular bottom layer of masses. Because i don't want masses sitting on me.

cody alderson, june 22
may they who have wronged you face eternal wrath.

papanwa, june 30
so i had chinese food for lunch the other day. my fortune said...if a turtle loses its shell is it naked or homeless?

laura-sister, july 1
i forgot to tell you! by bethany's standards (our niece), you're not a grownup because you aren't married. hahaha

aaaand there you have it.
i anticipate big things in august, kids!
ok no pressure...

but seriously.

catch round 1 and round 2 here.


shirley elizabeth said...

Utah names:


Katie said...

I am inexpressibly pleased.

Alexis Kaye said...

haha what a great idea! i love it. my favorite is about the normal person ahving a baby with that guys haha! :) uhm, do you change names? because i'm going to google him now

katilda said...

haha no i don't change names! (well, unless people specifically ask me to or i think their text could get them in trouble...haha) bryan adams is a singer from canada that my sister and i love. you should definitely google him -- guarantee you'll recognize his stuff.

Daniel said...

I could be wrong, but I think this makes me a perfect three for three. I'd like to thank the boy who had an awkward doorstep scene with you on June 16th for making this all possible.

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