Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a hunny pot of nostalgia

if you know me well
(or if you've read this blog for awhile)
it's no secret how much i adore our tubby little bear friend
i maybe so totally own a very pretty version of the books
with a blue ribbon and everything
(thanks mandysister!)
and i might read it to myself sometimes at night
and giggle myself to sleep
a.a. milne just gets me, that's all!
(go here for my favorite quotes from said author)

sooo...i should probably watch the new film at some point.
do yourself a favor and at least enjoy the trailer
mostly the part about sneezing. it totally made me laugh.
(plus, this trailer hints at a good soundtrack. yesplease.)
(fact: rumor has it music from that zooey girl i blogged about yesterday is def involved.)

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