Thursday, July 21, 2011

fruit of the gods

it's time to let y'all in on a little secret
that plays a very important role in my life.

you may think i'm exaggerating
but i'm pretty thoroughly convinced
that i know what grows on the trees in heaven.

introducing, the white nectarine
(cue the trumpets!)
(via wikipedia)

you can find them at your local grocery store
just look carefully on the bin labels
or sometimes on the stickers
or examine the spots...they're less orange than regular nectarines

buy when speckled
(like the picture above)
let them hang out on the counter for a couple days
they will turn deep red
eat when slightly squishy
but not too squishy
(the above picture was cut open too soon, if you ask me. you shouldn't have to cut a white nectarine, and it shouldn't look that firm. these are best to eat when they're so juicy you can hardly contain them, in my expert opinion.)

oh, and...
do. not. put. in. the. fridge.
the fridge has a verrrry strange effect on texture
(part of me suspects they put that one up there in the fridge. it looks weird. you may be wondering why i didn't choose a different picture. stop asking questions.)

you'll never eat a regular nectarine again. promise.

but be warned
this is the kind of fruit
to eat over the kitchen sink
or outside
where you can properly let it run down your arms
before jumping in the pool
it's sort of a fountain situation when that juice gets going
a fountain of heavenly joy.

favorite fruit?
(you'll change your mind after you do what this blog tells you to do, though. your strawberries and bananas just can't compete, quite sorry. there's always 2nd place.)


Katie said...

Good choice. I am also a huge fan of tangerines. The kind where the peel hangs loosely off the slices. Yessss.

shirley elizabeth said...

I prefer to slice them when still somewhat hard. Sometimes have with a little cheese.

karajean said...

I had my first nectarine EVER a couple of weeks ago. Not bad, strange texture though. I wonder if the white ones are any different.

indeazgirl said...

stop asking questions.
raspberries. And figs. Those are new for me. I love them, though.