Wednesday, July 27, 2011

outsourcing my indecision

sometimes i lay awake at night
and i think
like really,
i think
and think and think and think and think
the other night i decided
why not get something useful out of this blog
and start having you make my decisions for me!

so, here's a few that i've decided i'm ok farming out:

what color should i dye my hair?
here's what we've got now...
long. hidden feathers [still want those]. faded brown blah-ness. a tad fuzzy & unruly, most days.
(bonus pic of the niece, aka little cootiebug)

if you were me,
what would you get a master's degree in?
family & human development
guidance/school counseling
(keep in mind this is all hypothetical. how motivated am i to take the GRE and/or go into debt for another degree? answer: not highly motivated at the moment. i mostly just want to write a book. but, school is always an option. someday.)

what career should i ultimately end up in?

ummm and
should i get an iphone?
a gym membership?
or...stop pretending i have money for either of those things...?

and while we're at it,
what kind of cereal should i buy next?
(raisin bran crunch is running low, which means i'll need a replacement soon...)

ready, set, advise!
ah, i feel less stressed already...
this is fun.


Allison said...

Since some of those questions you asked are what I have been pondering, I can't tell you what you should do for most of them. Except for the cereal. I have been addicted to Special K Strawberry lately. Either that one or Golden Grahams. I say go with the Golden Grahams. If you get sick of them-just buy a bag of marshmallows and some butter and throw it in a pan. When it's completely melted, pour in the golden grahams and mix well. Then throw some chocolate chips on top and you have yourself some delicious fake s'mores. Now you know that I buy golden grahams for cereal, however, more often than not, they are turned into s'mores.

Allison said...

I'm mad. I just typed a long response and it's lost. In summary-I'm trying to make the same decisions as well and I can't decide what to do. My feedback is to get the iPhone (I'm sure there's an app for a home workout because if it were me, I'd never go to the gym. Oh wait. I have a membership and I maybe go once per month in the summer). I've been on a Special K Strawberry kick lately but I usually buy Golden Grahams so that I can make them into a s'more delicious dessert. True story. Butter, marshmallows, golden grahams and chocolate chips.

Myke said...

Hair color: chartreuse
Master's degree: writing/English (you don't always have to take the GRE for those sorts of degrees, the program I'm looking at doesn't require the GRE)
Career: WNBA
iPhone: you don't need a gym membership to exercise
Cereal: Count Chocula

katilda said...

haha allison that happens to me all the time -- the comments just go to my approval box before they show up. Not deleted! but i posted both your comments because they had some slight differences...

shirley elizabeth said...

Hair color: a deep mahogany brown (is mahogany the one that has the pretty reddish hue to it in the sun? I don't know. If so, then that one)

Master's degree...those options sound boring. Go for entrepreneurship or patisserie or something.

Career: open a flower shop. though nowhere near mine. I would be a brutal competitor.

iphone: they don't even have good cameras.

gym: get a masters and have access to the school gym.

cereal: oh's. small bites and chew slowly or they'll tear you up.

Matt said...

The answer to your cereal question is Honey Graham Oh's. Actually, now that I'm really thinking about it... the answer to all of your questions is Honey Graham Oh's. They are so good, it will turn you from, "up at night, pondering Katie" to "Super decisive, specifically driven Katie". The sun will shine, birds will sing, and Mr. handsome, clever, well read volunteer will come walking through your door. Seriously.... Honey Graham Oh's.

Celeste said...

HAHA Katie you are so funny! There are so many decisions to make. Girl if you feel you should get a degree to further job skills, you go girl! You have so many skills! I just got a new phone, smart phone, and I love it! I have always had hand-me-down phones and I didn't realize what I was Cereal choices are so critically important! :) Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds are pretty tantalizing. I like the feathers in your hair!

Hawkes said...

YAY for cootiebug!! I love banana cheerios. THey are new and amazing. TRUST ME. ha ha I LOVE anything banana though. For the dye...I dunno. I am staring at a box of clairol home dye RIGHT NOW. It is called Medium Reddish Brown. It comes out as foam so it is easier to apply. My roots are nasty and since Mandy won't let me cut my hair (She does this out of love), I decided to change the color. I really wish I could do some neon chunks or something...Can mom's do that? ha ha

Laura! said...

Hey. Let's get our hair dyed together! I've been indecisive about dying my hair for years and more seriously for months, but maybe you could advise me? Not, like, all-over dye, but something.

Cereal: One time, mom and I were at the grocery store and some lady stopped me and asked if she could take a picture of me sampling this cereal at a stand so she could send it to corporate or something as proof that people were actually eating from the stand. So, I did and the cereal was delicious! But I forgot the name of it and we thought it was maybe cinnamon cheerios, but it isn't! So, you should experiment and find that cereal. It's like cheerios, but bigger and crunchier and has some sort of cinnamon/honey coating. Delicious indeed!

I think you should get a smartphone/iphone whatever. They're fun! And you can use our home gym whenever, so there!

And your career and schooling? Idk... do something you like. I have recently decided that I have three passions and just alternate between them without really realizing. So, find something that has lots of things you like to do combined, maybe? Like... writing about a school counselor who encounters all sorts of kids that have messed up families. Haha just kidding!

Unknown said...

Hair color:
perhaps a slightly darker/redish brown?

Master's degree:
MFA program at ASU,
The GRE is not a requirement for the MFA

Career: blogging/social media consultant

iPhone or Gym: iPhone. If you need more exercise you're welcome to come walk my dogs with me...its a work out for sure.

Cereal: Peanut Butter Puffins