Thursday, July 7, 2011

guilty pleasure music

"Everyone has their weaknesses. Some people smoke. I collect stuffed penguins. If you won't tell, I won't."
laurell k hamilton


we all have a stuffed penguin.

yesterday i was minding my own business at work
when my coworker's pandora shuffled to Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen
my glance slid to the right
then back to my paperwork
then back to the right
my toes started tapping
i started humming
and yes, a shimmy may have been involved at some point.

anyway, got me thinking
about those guilty pleasure tunes
that, knowing anything at all about music,
i shouldn't love
but i so totally do.

here are a few of mine, in no particular order:

Fat Bottomed Girls -- Queen
Teenage Dirtbag -- Wheatus
mostly anything by the Backstreet Boys
mostly any power ballad by Celine Dion or Phil Collins
I Didn't Steal Your Boyfriend -- Ashlee Simpson
anything off Britney Spears' first album
ditto for Avril Lavigne
Relient K's christmas July
Puff the Magic Dragon -- Peter, Paul & Mary
Get Together -- The Youngbloods
After All -- Cher & Peter Cetera
What the World Needs Now -- Jackie DeShannon
Angel -- Shaggy
Peace Train -- Cat Stevens
Love Bites -- Def Leppard
I Wanna Know What Love Is -- Foreigner
(i might not consider those last three guilty pleasures because they are actually legit songs, but if you saw the manner in which i belt them when i'm alone in my would probably quickly disagree with me.)

ok ok


Myke said...

There's nothing guilty about Phil Collins, Peter Cetera, Cat Stevens or Foreigner.

Is Katy Perry a guilty pleasure? If so, that's mine.

Matt said...

I had to make up a name for my guilty pleasure genre. I call it "inspirock". It's the music from the 80s that has lots of guitar, but even more synthesizer and heavy drum beats. No matter what, it always makes you want to prepare for success with an impressive montage.

See: John Cafferty's- Hearts of Fire.

Chelsea said...

This list is way good. And only a little bit guilty. I'm with you on the Brittney Spears and Ashlee Simpson.

I'm a closet Katy Perry fan. She is too catchy to be ignored.


Jayme said...

1. Didn't steal your boyfriend ranks above L-O-V-E?

Also, I guiltily love Ke$ha. Don't tell. She resonates with my suppressed drunk sorority persona.

shirley elizabeth said...

My problem is less about my guilty pleasuresongs and more about always hating the songs everyone wants to listen to. Some I cannot even stand to hear the opening measures:

-that Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night one
-Red Wine/Just Dance one
-Most (not all) Gaga (like bad romance) and Katy Perry (like Teenage Dream. That song is so wrong.)

Hmmm...guilty pleasure...Kanye. Specifically Gold Digger and Stronger. And Neurótico by Vinimax ( Foreign rap sounds so much cooler. Plus you understand even less of it than english so you don't feel as bad.