Wednesday, July 13, 2011

bird's the word

sooo i kind of love this shop i discovered via blogland:

and sometimes i like to play a game
where i browse everything in it and put stuff in my cart
...and then don't actually buy it
(it's fairly priced stuff, but i'm on a budget you know)
it's like window shopping online, right?

but oh, it got me this week
this little beauty is currently fluttering thru the mail system
headed for my doorstep:

it's kind of hard to say no when something screams your name, yeah??

also, a little tidbit from last weekend
when i was sick
and this girl wanted a sleepover
(who can turn that down??)
and she said she didn't care about my sickly germs
and i knew she would take care of me
(she's the motherly type)
and, you know, some late-night, semi-drugged convo ensued:

that's all for today.


Chantal said...

I love you so very much, germs and all

Emma Frances said...

Cute bag. Hilarious conversation!