Monday, July 18, 2011

tramp stamp?

some news...
i'm getting a new roommate in august!
like, the share-a-room kind of roommate
well, still sad this one is leaving me.
but, she's getting hitched so she's forgiven.
(bridesmaid round 11, did i mention? we'll talk more about that later.)
(and who's she kidding? i'm going to visit her & her hubby all the time. you don't get rid of me that easy.)
the new roomie came to look at the place this weekend
the following are clues that i'm really going to like her:

she asked if she can sleep with sounds of nature playing

she said something about getting a puppy, and i admire her adventurous spirit

she agreed we need beds that fold into the wall

she told me she has really weird dreams and hopes i don't mind if she shares them with me
(is she kidding? i had one about a heroic, giant flying eel last week.)

she's a social worker

i found this picture on her facebook:

pretty much convinced this is going to be a good thing.

now for a word from our sponsor...
i mean, from another old roomie of mine
who put up with me for many, many years in college

my friend told me a latin phrase he learned from his grandma...Illegitimi non carborundon.
translates, Don't let the b****rds grind you down.
grandma wisdom.

that answers my, "what phrase should i calligraphy, frame, and hang above my mantle" question.

funny, i had the same question for a tramp stamp i've been planning.

ahaha it'll scare off the predators.

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Kelsey Anne Design said...

Seriously though. I love us. And tramp stamps.