Thursday, July 14, 2011

harry potter: the end of an era ▲

soooo if i had the motivation, or the time, or the gas money, i would drive to my parents' house and dig up a decade's worth of photos that involve me + lightning bolt on my forehead + movie theatres at midnight...but just take my word for it...the collection is plentiful.

and tonight is the final episode! and yeah, i'm def going to the midnight showing.
what do you take me for?? i still got a little spring in my step, kids.
(ask me when i wake up tomorrow and i might take that statement back.)

here's the trailer, if you've been living in a cave:

stay tuned for photographic documentation of my adventure!
and, in advance...
so what if i maybe cry a little, ok??

oh and why not finish with one more picture of my freakin adorable niece:


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