Sunday, July 31, 2011

book of mormon: week 7

ah, hello sunday!
how i've missed you all week.

ok, so this week's chapters are brimming with goodness
[did i say that last week?]
[ i say that every week?]
it is really difficult to choose just one thing.
but i've narrowed it down to two...

this is when Alma is reunited with his buddies, the sons of Mosiah
they were all converted together
and have all since been out preaching the Gospel
and they just happen to run into each other
[and in a world without cell phones, that's saying something eh?]
but i love the pure joy that Alma expresses at seeing them again
i've been thinking a lot this week about friends
and the experiences that have made me closer to people
and often, we've been thru something hard together
and seen each other learn & grow
and there is an inexpressible joy at that kind of relationship
i feel deeply grateful for each of the people in my life that i have that kind of deep, indescribable love for
it makes me feel like shouting from the rooftops!

speaking of shouting from the rooftops.
Alma 26 is so beautiful
it's a man named Ammon,  bearing testimony & glorying in the Lord
he's just so full of gladness and gratitude that he can't contain himself
this week i have felt like Ammon
i feel like i can see the hand of God so clearly in my life
and i want everyone to feel the same way!
if you're having trouble seeing God in your life...
or need a little joy and & Gospel enthusiasm...
i would recommend reading this chapter.

["courage", via]

and that's all for today...
i'll bite my tongue so this doesn't turn into an essay

your turn...
thoughts on these chapters?
thoughts on anything else...?
[i feel like this is an open call for group therapy.]
[blog therapy?]

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