Wednesday, October 19, 2011

crowd surfing & t-swizzle

i have plans this friday.
i have big, fat plans this friday.


got me thinking about all the concerts i've attended over the years
started when i was 14 or 15 or so
while i may be forgetting a couple, here's what i've got in my repertoire:

jimmy eat world x3
format x2
all american rejects
yellowcard [first crowd-surfing experience]
backstreet boys [on ice]
john mayer
goo goo dolls
bryan adams
maroon 5 x2
def leppard
william fitzsimmons
brad paisley
rocky votolato
lady antebellum
mumford & sons
edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros

who i pine to see:
jimmy again
celine dion
ben gibbard
the bee gees
phil collins
john denver
ingrid michaelson
schuyler fisk
straylight run
shiny toy guns
something corporate
and um...
jimmy, again.

what about you?
tell me 'bout your shows, old and upcoming and yearned for.

yeah, i really did see the backstreet boys on ice
consider your life officially one-upped.

some franken-twizzle lovin' from a couple years back, just for kicks


Fiery Jack said...

Hey, I love going to shows too! Some of my favorites:

Straylight Run was fun. Saw them in an acoustic set.
Anberlin does an awesome Show. Would love to Jimmy again. Only ever saw them once.
Andrew McMahon does better shows with Jack's Mannequin now (I've seen them a few times) than the Something Corporate show I saw.
Best concert I ever went to was Thursday (yeah, I'm hardcore)...

Ah the memories.

Myke said...
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Myke said...

Jimmy Eat World x 16 (First time was a bowling alley in Tempe.)
Weezer x 6 (I need to see them again.)
Death Cab (Ben Gibbard) x 3 (In high school I was in a band that opened for J.E.W. and Death Cab (different shows).)

I still have yet to see the Flaming Lips and the Killers (though I saw Brandon Flowers earlier this year). I would love to see the Joy Formidable again.

(I like this post, I might have to copy you on this.)

Jayme said...

I *loved* seeing Kate Nash! She's my fav

Justin Schmid said...

Does "Maroon 5 X 2" = Maroon 10?

I've actually seen Def Leppard, too. Other bands I can remember:
Rush X3
*Scorpions X2
*Hammerfall X2
*Nightwish X2
Kamelot (spent the show tweeting snark about how awful the were)
Black Sabbath
Soulfly X 2
Slayer (not my sort of thing, really)
Queensryche X2
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Symphony X

And I know I'm forgetting some. Wow, that's more shows than I realized.

And I'd like to see any of European bands (starred) above in Europe (Sabbath, Priest and Maiden are English, and they don't count).

Emma Frances said...

Wow! You have seen so many people in concert! I have seen The Format, All American Rejects, and Jimmy Eat World. Jimmy was my favorite! I saw them on New Year's this year and it was freezing but oh so much fun! They are AWESOME!!

karajean said...

I have been listening to girls win Taylor swift tickets on the radio for weeks. I even tried to call in once and win for myself. I am pretty much insanely jealous of you right now.

I haven't been to a concert in forever. My favorite ones from my high school days were probably The Format, Dashboard Confessional, and Brand New. Obviously none of those are quite as good as Backstreet Boys on ice.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh. Your repertoire is incredible. I've only seen one concert, are you ready for it? Hanna Montana. Soooo embarrassing. haha! But it was free for me, ok? I definitely need to go to some cooler concerts :)

joelle said...

How are you Andrew's sister, yet you have never seen Weezer? I am shocked! haha jealous you got to go to Taylor Swift!!!