Tuesday, October 11, 2011

katie and the great [accidental] punkin dessert

this story begins about yonder six months ago
there i was, in the pudding aisle at the grocery store
[what, you didn't know it's called the pudding aisle? well...i know.]
and lo and behold, butterscotch pudding!
10 for 10
i says to myself,
"this seems like a grand idea, self."
[note: what i should have said to myself is, "do you have an excess of cupboard space in which to store an inappropriate amount of butterscotch pudding?" but 10 for 10 pudding is not time for logic.]

fast forward to last sunday evening
blissfully making punkin [aka pumpkin] cake for monday's church potluck
but when i went to flip the cake out of the pan...
the following happenstance occurred:

the punkin cake and i, we stared at each other for a bit
and then i went upstairs...
...and went to bed.
and dreamt frightful, punkiny dreams

monday morning, i woke up in a fussle
[just go with me on that word]
i grabbed my smartyphone and did what any good chef would do
i googled:
"what to do when your cake falls apart"

and then,
the internets told me about a little dessert known as trifle
oh the trifle and i
we became fast friends
layered cake crumbs and other goodness??
well, what do you know
but i had all these convenient cake crumbs in my kitchen

i then googled:
"what kind of pudding goes with punkin cake?"
[except, i had to play by google's rules and spell pumpkin the conventional way. psh.]

and lo and behold
what did google have to say?

and we all know
what kind of pudding i happened to have in plethorous amounts

it went down as follows:

and let me tell you...

raving. success.


Sarah Hall said...

Awesome! I laughed. You have a great writing voice. But alas, I never got to taste it. :-)

The Ballard Family said...

Hahaha love it. I bet it was enjoyed by all who were lucky enough to eat it! Though it almost looks too pretty to eat!
P.S. I have been around long enough to know that tender mercies do, indeed, come to fruition quite often in baking situations.

Emma Frances said...

Thank goodness for google because this looks freaking amazing! Oh, and thank goodness for 10 for 10 pudding sales. Even when you don't have the cupboard space. I totally store stuff all over the whole house. Under my bed, in my closet, etc. Because who really expects you to pass up such awesome sales?!

Katie said...

Dang girl, that's awesome! You're so creative...

Steoffrey said...

I feel so bad about mixing up the standard times! I meant 9:00 AZ time, I hope you saw my notices on Twitter! Anyway, stay tuned in the future because I'll be providing discount codes for Simplicity Laser to all bidders! :) I apologize for the confusion!

karajean said...

Brilliant! That's all I have to say about that.