Monday, October 17, 2011

writing: stitches, scotch tape & staples

i had always thought
though i never openly acknowledged it
and never pointed it out
that when you tilted your head a certain way
i saw the faintest hint of green in your eyes

and i could tell you now
but it would be so overdue
i know it would mean little
i know i mean little

but if i had the chance,
and the bravery,
i would have told you,

i wrote a song about you
did you know?
a few of them, in fact


i didn't mean what i said
that one time
maybe i meant it a little
but i didn't mean to say it out loud


i did mean a lot of other things
and i wonder if you think i didn't


i did.

for the record,

you changed me

breathed me in
and exhaled me

with pieces missing
and some parts new
tacked on as you pleased

stitches, scotch tape and staples

and i've yet to determine
if i think i'm better this way

being that i can't change it,
i like to think i am


that one day i will be.

[mesmerized by the bellagio fountains, july 2007]


Katie said...

I do have a faint hint of green in my eyes, don't I? hahahaha jk. Beautiful writing, as always.

Emma Frances said...

I love your writing. Seriously, love it. Also, I'm listening to your cover of "Can't Help Falling in Love with You" right now and I love it. You've got skills!!

The Ballard Family said...

Wow, I really love this. Also, look how cute you are in that picture!!