Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"i like the tin man"

paid a little visit to OrthoLand this morning
[note: it is not actually called OrthoLand. i would not get my teeth fixed at such a place, if it exists. that's like calling the number on those "free dental implant" billboards you see in the sticks. um, nothankyou.]

i can't tell you when i'm getting the metal mouth off
[i rambled about it being a surprise somewhere in here]

but i will tell you
that my grill is officially rubber-banded shut
for the next month

i can't even open my teeth
absent-minded snacking?

needless to say,
i got the giggles in the ortho chair
[and still have them]
because seriously,

[watch that clip like 5 times for your own good. it makes me laugh every time. mostly because of the look on ralphie's face at the end....i want to look at people like that app. 100 times every day.]

want proof of my woes?

i recorded this video for my bestie
and for her only
to cheer her up

but goshbieberitall
i just know you all deserve to see it

so let's all have a hearty laugh at my expense
you're welcome.

let's not focus on the fact that i had an encounter with a beautiful man in scrubs this afternoon.
he smiled.
i smiled.
he said,
"nice braces."
i tried to say something clever...
but oh yeah,
my mouth is banded shut.


Katie said...

ahaha. loved that last story. and loved the video. so awesome. it reminded me of when i didn't know you were filming me and i was singing Chicago. on the floor. doing crunches.

Annie Citrine said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I loved the video. And I decided you should definitely take the opportunity to hone your ventriloquist skills in the next 4 weeks... because you were pretty much rocking it already!

Emma Frances said...

Bahaha! That video is hilarious! :] I am so glad that you shared it!!