Thursday, October 13, 2011

in which my roommate takes pictures of me whilst i sleep ▲

there were many good signs from the beginning that this girl was bound to be a good fit to share a room with me. the list of supporting evidence has grown exponentially, including but not limited to:

+ asking if she could take a nap in my bed while i was at work
+ making me climb on the roof with her to spy on a drug bust
+ the time she became emotionally attached to a stray cat and we walked around the neighborhood with a can of tuna, looking for little Skeeter
+ waking me up for a week by singing the theme song from Fox & the Hound
+ digging through the dumpster
+ letting me videotape her digging through the dumpster

but today.... today took the cake. i texted the aforementioned roommate about a less-awesome workday. she texted back and said she had something to show me...


Look at you! You love to awkwardly hold your arms up near your face as you sleep...

And....position #2 about 3min later as you were stirring awake. Poor chap! Yet still, the arms...

And the final one, number 3!! Haha how cute you are!

fact: i've recently been (repeatedly) accused by another amigo of always having "awkward arms" in photos. i guess it turns out this happens in my sleep too. i mostly like how i'm gripping my blanket for dear life. i very much wish i knew what i was dreaming about.



Katie said...

ahaha. i will always be attached to, "i built you a statue. i made it for you."

Emma Frances said...

This is awesome! Sleeping photos are awkward. Haha. Funny story, when my husband and I were dating he took a video of me when I fell asleep on his couch to show me that I snore. Haha.