Wednesday, October 5, 2011

music: we own the sky


sometimes blogger plays dastardly tricks and won't let me embed videos

but this music vid tickles me so much

it is worth posting a lame link

[awesome video] + [lame link]
[cancelled-out lameness]

yes yes.

so click here and enjoy!

when a friend shared this w/ me on facebook, my response was as follows:

 i.........was sold at the kites and blatant thrift-store threads. though i have no idea what came out of the sky at the end, if it turns into confetti and inspires osculation, i can't even pretend to be opposed to it.

i stand by this reaction.
your thoughts?
[on the video or the song, i would be pleased to hear either opinion]

i miss pop-up video
come back to me, 90s!

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LaurenHoya said...

M83 = swoon. And, in case you didn't see: