Saturday, October 15, 2011

if i had moneys, vs. 2

more of that online "window shopping"
and....ok maybe i made one purchase

but first, what i wanted:
[but denied myself, like a good little girl...]





i would rock those earrings
in a big. fat. hippie. way.

surriously, i can't even look at them without feeling disgruntled that i don't own them...

the above items remained snugly in their snooty, we-shouldn't-be-so-absurdly-expensive stratospheres
[except the dino boots...those just aren't made in adult sizes. roadblocks to shopping success come in many devious forms these days.]

however, the following treasure has a little date with my mailbox:

[via] happy dance is about a mile big just looking at that thing.
i cannot wait to have it on my wall!


Lindsay Rondo said...

i'm in love with harry potter so i think you made the right choice. you would look great with those earings though. :)


Katie said...

I LOVE THOSE EARRINGS. Seriously. But Harry Potter is pretty great, too ;) I try to get all my earrings at Claire's because they're cheap but still cute. [Sometimes.]

Naomi Martineau said...

The sign with the quote looks like a DIY! You can do it Katie!

Emma Frances said...

I LOVE those rainboots! Seriously amazing! And I LOVE the Harry Potter print! SO JEALOUS!