Saturday, October 22, 2011

tswizzle report: the good, the bad & the less pretty

what's that you say?
you stayed up alllll night waiting to hear my report on the t-swizzle concert?

well, don't mind if i do.

what i liked:
i knew every single song

we bought a churro! i am obsessed!

a crowd of 14,000 is an electrifying experience

i saw a guy in a chicken costume
and two guys in banana suits
[i think this is how teenage boys justified coming to the tswiz making fun of it and pretending they don't actually listen to the music. i see right through your weak facade, pollo y platanos!]

many ballerinas were involved
[i find ballerinas fascinating. they're like lifesize dolls.]


two of her guitarists had legit david bowie hair
["the power of the babe!"]

people kept popping out of the stage floor [like daises!] ... the use of the trap doors was quite fascinating.

the acoustic portion of the evening, in which she sat by a tree
don't worry, i took a low-res, glowing photo of it:

she uked it up on "fearless," which i utterly adored
[uked = played the ukelele. turns out she plays the piano too. look at her go!]

what i didn't like:
the sound system was lessthanawesome. if i didn't already know all the words, i would have had a hard time picking up on her lyrics. a couple of the mics were no bueno.

the over-choreography
[i've never been to a concert before that was as much about the show as it was about the music. my favorite parts were when she stopped acting and just sat down w/ the guitar and sang. i wasn't there for the broadway, my dear.]
[but for reals, serious props to miss swift for running around the stage, in high heels, and never missing a beat, all while singing, for 2.5 hours, and never once sounding out of breath.]
though it was cool when she flew around in a magical basket:

my thoughts on the venue: arena, what. the. hockeysticks. this place was terrible to navigate ["turrible." - charles barkley] we were misdirected by parking attendants like a bazillion times, and once inside we were faced w/ one elevator and two horrible, intertwining staircases that never seemed to spit us out on the correct floor.
what. the. hogwarts, you guys.

let's not even talk about the fact that they only had one guy selling merch [let's count it, ONE] to two huge lines of concert-goers wanting their tswizzle swag. by the time we got to the counter we could hear the show starting so i bought my shirt in a hurry...and picked a size too small. But that's okay, because i'm totes just going to cut it up and put it in a tshirt quilt anyway.

the good news is that you could buy a giant afghan with her face on it, if you wanted...

what i'm neutral about:
jon foreman from switchfoot made a cameo appearance. if they hadn't played "meant to live," i may have liked it more. i could have gone for some "24" or "on fire" or even "dare you to move," personally.

but what it comes down to, really:
my inner 13 yr old loved every. single. part. of. it. all.
and let's be honest, my inner 13 yr old pulls a lot of sway around here...


Katie said...

Love it. But you forgot about all the awkward crowd-staring :) But yes, let's be honest, our inner children were more than happy about this experience :)

Myke said...

My friend texted me from her concert last night (she played two shows?) with a picture of her and Jim Adkins on stage (though the photo was really blurry).

karajean said...

I was waiting eagerly for this review! My inner 13-year-old is crazy jealous!

Emma Frances said...

I am BEYOND jealous! :] Sounds like you had a blast! Even with some of the dumb things!