Wednesday, October 26, 2011

hob nobbin' it up

stumbled across the most delightful cafe with this lovely lady last night

the endearing name:

the elements of a happy ambience:
[note: the hot chocolate was the perfect temperature, flavor, everything. i recommend it in a big way.]

the feta & red pepper pizza:
[can't remember the exact name of it]
[i want to kiss whoever decided to put feta on pizza. why hadn't i thought of this?]

the company:
[we look a bit crazy-eyed. crunk on hot chocolate and feta?]

the people watching:
[bright orange curly hair, and an outfit with spiders and candy corn on it. my hero on so many levels.]

not to mention the coconut cake, the good-looking employee, and the plenteous uh-friggin-dorable halloween decorations

i officially consider it the perfect place to spend a drizzly tuesday evening

let's just say...
we'll be going back.

y'all phoenix amigos should checkity ch-ch-check it out too:


Carlie said...

Oh my gosh! That lady looks like my old Science Professor! Too funny!

Emily Sarah Brooks said...

Oh my gosh. I can feel the ambiance from here. SO JEALOUS and that pizza looks divine. Make sure to go back and have...twice? No three times as much for me :)

Arielle-HumblePieVintage said...

We have a restaurant in my town called Hobb's Nobb too! How odd.
I love scrabble! I play atleast 2 times a week :)


Emma Frances said...

I need to go here! Next time I'm in the valley I'm going. I'll play you in a game of Scrabble! :]