Thursday, December 13, 2012

life advice from my childhood journals

so, i'm a big journal writer, and this trend started young for me.
recently, in addition to these gems from my 2nd grade yearbook,
i also discovered a pile of old journals from my childhood years.

and wouldn't you like to know what little katie had to say?

on 6th grade dance etiquette:
"for the last song i danced with [tyler.] it was terrible! it was a slow song and he was, like, afraid to touch me. he's nerdy anyway."

on acceptable public behavior:
"today me, mindi and jennifer went to the mall. we acted weird and scared people. it was fun."

on christmas patience:

on jealousy & the seriousness of 8th grade relationships:
"why he is wasting his time on HER? she's not marriage material."

on really important (and nerdy) info to remember:

on the male species:
"i think boys were invented to be very confoozing, VERY confoozing."
note: i could spell. i was also ambitiously creative.

on memorable celebrity crushes:

on borderline stalking to win a man's affection:
"[tommy] is still cute as ever! i think i will 'accidentally' pose my friends with him in the shots if i take my camera to school. then i will have pictures of HIM!"

on the man i want to marry:
- hates rap music
- opens doors for me (written twice)
- never checks out other girls
- be humbled that he can have me

and thus concludes today's session of "this could be really embarrassing for me but ima just own it because it makes for good blog material."

now i'll work on finding a man who is "humbled that he can have me," probably by taking stalker pictures of him because apparently i thought that was working for me.


Katie said...

hahaha oh man i am so glad you are just owning this stuff! i LOVE reading it. and i am sure i wrote just as insightful things at that age.

Allison said...

This is GOLDEN. My favorite is the part about "marriage material" :)

Kylie said...

So good. My younger self sounds pretty similar haha.

Kerry said...

i am unable to select my favorite part. maybe the marriage material thing in 8th grade? or the be humbled part.. oh the palindrome!! very brave to share haha xoxo

karajean said...

so so good. I think my favorite is the stalker pictures. TOTALLY something I would have done.

Erin said...! I just love this! So freaking much!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Hahaha, these are SO good! Reminds me of my journals from that time. Love the pic of Leonardo!! Ha!

Jacqueline said...

the "humbled to have me" quote is priceless. you're inspiring me to dig up my old journals (talk about a humbling experience - yiiiikes.) Xx